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HeLLoo guys!!.. hii.. my friends.. 😀

my name is Weny Listianawati.. you can call me Weny or Awen (my nick name). I’m from Indonesia.. the beautiful country in the world.. heheee… 😀

I’m a college student with field of study is Information Technology at Gunadarma University.

I’m sory, if my English is bad,, because I don’t speak English every day.. ckckck.. 😀

But, I always try and try to speak English well.. I hope I can do it.. :p


I like watching a korean drama.. hee.. 😀 I like singing, design anithing.. especially clothes.. I like something new.. a challenge.. 😀  My dream is.. I want to be useful for everybody.. actually.. I want to make happy my parent, my family  and everybody around me.. one day if I have much money, I will  help a tramp and poor people. 😀


I enjoy my life with my family, my friends, my boyfriend and other people around me. I Love Allah SWT so much. I love Islam and I’m very proud to be a moslem. I Love Rasulullah Muhammad SAW with all his teaching.


I love my family, I love my father with all his joke.. 😀 He is a resposibility person with his family. I love my mother, she always love her child wholeheartedly. I Love my parent so much. Nothing in this world can be reply their interest expense to me. Thank you so much Mom.. Dad.. T.T


I have two sister. I love her. My youngest sister is Lely. She has been maried and she has one daughter. I love my nephew, she is very cute.. and I like play with her :D. My younger sister is Hetty. She is smart woman. She like to humiliate me. But I know, she do it because.. she want to rise my spirit, to be a strong women :).

And.. this is my lovely big family… cheeezzeee… 😀


Hihii… nice picture!! 😀


And then.. what else which I have to tell you guys?? Hmmm… All rigth!!

I have a boyfriend. hehee.. 😀   his name is Andrie Putra Kresmulyono

Actually, I have to admit that I always hurt with love. I like cry.. and cry.. cry a guy who hurt me.. until.. I don’t care about love.

But, after I met him.. I don’t know why, I have a new spirit.. He give me something different, he give me a new hope to continue my life.. he is a very good person. He receive me as I am. He understand me. He is different than other guys for me.. and I love him so much.. 🙂

He is my hunny bunny sweety.. 😀



I never know what the future brings

But I know you are here with me now

We’ll make it through

And I hope you are the one I share my life with

And I wish that you could be the one I die with

And I pray in you’re the one I build my home with

I hope I love you all my life… 🙂



Ok.. just it.. about me.. awen.. 😀

For clearer.. call me on my email: awen_3090@yahoo.com or my facebook: awen_innocentgirl@yahoo.com or my twitter: just_awen

Nice to meet you all.. 🙂

Thank you for joining my blog.. byee.. 😀




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salam kenal jenk. hihi

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